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"Suddenly other folk rock bands seem over calculated and constructed."

-Reidar Sjödén

- Lira

BO LINDBERG - guitar

Born 1960. Bosse claims to have had a hit in Japan with his former avant garde rock band Myrbein. The truth, however, is that he spent most of his time working as a music teacher and has played in almost every band that has come out of Östersund over the past two decades. He has had his finger in everything from punk rockers Shit Kids, to P-Danielsa. However, Bosse´s greatest musical passion is to play the accordion. Recent projects includes the band Eastwick .


Born in 1971. Kjell-Erik founded his interest in folk music at early age in the village of Offerdal. This interest would eventually blossom into a full-time profession dedicated to the preservation of a narrowing folk music heritage. Kjell-Erik is also a member of Triakel, together with former Hoven-member Janne Strömstedt and Emma Härdelin, lead vocalist in Garmarna. Kjell-Erik is also a teacher at Birka Folkhögskola.


Born 1971, Björn has worked as a professional musician since graduating from high-school in 1990. Spends his time recording and writing for various artists, as well as playing with his own projects. Björn enjoys watching movies at home, and he insists that Peter Criss is an underestimated drummer. Björn plays in the coverband Marmeladorkestern and is also known under his alterego "Grizzly", when playing in his favourite

rock n´roll band Easy Action. Recent projects includes an album with The Summit, and being a part of Martina Edoffs touring band.


Born 1967. Pedro is working as a full-time musician playing with different bands, both local and nationwide. Right now his bluegrass band The Blue Mountain Boys is the no.1 project on his list (except Hoven Droven...), and his favourite listening includes Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley,The Johnson Mountain Boys, Del McCoury etc. When he is not playing or listening to music, he is probably working on his bee hives.


Born 1968. Jens can often be seen in different rock/pop/jazz/big-band musical groups displaying his natural gift as a passionate saxophone player. Jens has scored documentaries for Swedish television, and he can often be found touring with various plays in schools around Sweden and Norway. His most recent project is the band The Jets where he plays much of his own material. He is also a teacher at Birka Folkhögskola.

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