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In 2007 Hoven Droven participated in a documentary about legendary Swedish artist Thore Skogman. During the filming Hoven Droven recorded this version of his classic song "Jämtgubben", that also features Örjan and Folke Lindqvist. Two legendary Swedish musicians from the band Bröderna Lindqvist. Since then, both Örjan and Thore has passed away. After over 1.500 recorded and written songs, the last recording Thore ever made was with Hoven Droven. It was a good time had by all, and Thore was very happy with the result. It was an honour.

JÄMTGUBBEN - with Thore Skogman & Bröderna Lindqvist

Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2007

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FRI SPRIT OCH TAXI HEM - with Stefan Sundström

Produced by Gustav & Hoven Droven. Mixed by Björn Höglund

Released 2010

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During the recording of "More Happy Moments With Hoven Droven", the band recorded this song with Stefan Sundström. Stefan had just written it and wanted to try it out. In the end it didn´t make the album but the song has since then become a live favourite among Stefan´s fans, though never properly released. Until 2010, when Gustav and Björn dug up the tapes and finished the song as a part of Hoven Droven´s 20 yr. anniversary.

LIVE TODAY - with Jens Ganman

Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2012

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In these times of "mashups" we decided we needed one of our own. This is a re-worked and re-edited version of the song "Slyng" from our latest album, with lyrics and vocals by our good buddy Jens Ganman. Something old, with something new. Like we always do. Enjoy!

HIA HIA 2014 - EP

Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2014

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To celebrate the 20:th anniversary of their debut "Hia Hia" the band re-recorded the title track from the album. The EP also contains the

original demo of the song from 1993, plus a live version recorded in U.S.A in 2000. This song has come a long way ..


Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2015

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Hi-def download is available at Bandcamp.

Released on midsummers eve 2015. Sigrid is sort of sad, a little bit moody, but when you least expect it she will show her decisive side .. and she is very beautiful.”

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