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HIA HIA (xoucd110)

Produced and mixed by Erik Bernholm.

Released 1994

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This album is a documentation of Hoven Drovens musical progression during their first five years together. However, it´s not a compilation album, it´s a varied selection of songs, full of stylistic surprises. It was released in the U.S as a compilation together with the bands second album under the name "Groove".


"Perhaps Hoven Droven

is God .. ?"

-Jim Foley

- KXCI 91.3 FM

GROV (xoucd114)

Produced by Erik Bernholm. Mixed by Dag Lundqvist.

Released 1996

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A heavier album than "Hia Hia", closer to the bands live-sound, but still very dynamic and varied. Many of these songs still make out the bands live set. The album was mixed by Dagge Lundqvist, who´s credits also includes production work with Hedningarna, Staffan Hellstrand and Lolita Pop among many others. It was released in the U.S as a compilation together with the bands first album under the name "Groove"


Produced by Gustav Hylén and Hoven Droven. Mixed by Martin Andersson. 

Released 1999

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The first HD album to feature new member Janne Strömstedt, and also the first one to include vocals. Guest performances are made by famous Swedish singer/songwriter Stefan Sundström, Ulrika Bodén and Sofia Sandén from the band Rosenbergs Sjua. The album found a European and U.S release with a slightly different tracklisting. 

HIPPA (home020)

Produced by Gustav Hylén and Hoven Droven. Mixed by Gustav Hylén and Björn Höglund.

Released 2001

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Hoven Droven decided not to be a rock band for a while and recorded this album almost completely without their usual distorted guitars and big drums. A much cooler album than it's predecessors, but still with a very recognizable Hoven Droven feel to it. Watch a video from the studio here.

TURBO (home032)

Produced and mixed by Martin Andersson.

Released 2004

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A vitamine injection for all of those who thought that the band had slowed down after the more stripped down album "Hippa". "Turbo" has fourteen tracks of high energy folk rock with Hoven Droven in top form, challenging your ability to stand still!


Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2006

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A double disc live album recorded in Minneapolis, U.S.A in October 2005. packed with 18 song, spanning Hoven Droven´s fifteen years and five studio albums, showcasing the persity, energy, and humour of Hoven Droven If you still haven´t discovered the band, this might be a good place to start. "Jumping At The Cedar" was nominated for a Swedish Grammy in 2007.

Watch a video from the recorded show here!

ROST (87217)

Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2011

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12 brand new songs to celebrate the bands 20:th anniversary was released to great critical acclaim in 2001. All the trademarks of Hoven Droven are included and said to be the Hoven Droven studio album that best captures their live feel. Also released on vinyl!

HIA HIA LIVE 2014 (ru35160)

Produced and mixed by Björn Höglund.

Released 2011

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Hi-def download is available at Bandcamp.

To celebrate the 30:th anniversary of their debut album, the band threw a show in their home town of Östersund and played the complete album from start to finish. Even the hidden bonus track .. ;) This is what went down.

TRAD (hcd7369)

Produced by Hoven Droven and Johan Arveli.

Mixed by Johan Arveli

Released 2021

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Available as Hi Def files, CD, LP and MC

Hoven Drovens 30 year anniversary album, released Sept. 17 2021 shows the band in good form, more fine tuned than ever. Adding a string quartet to their trademark sound!

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